How to Beat Your Cold in 24 Hours, According to an Expert

Beating Cold Fast

Awful cough and sore throat…

Nobody enjoys that awful cough and sore throat during a cold. The ultimate goal of any sick person, is to beat the illness as soon as possible. With the help from the leading expert, Professor Ron Eccles from the Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University, the bug can be overcome in just one day.

  • 7AM – Take a steaming shower.
    Jump into a nice hot shower after you wake up feeling dreadful. The steam will help clear your clogged up sinuses and the hot water can sooth aching limbs and muscles.
  • 8AM – Have some porridge with berries for breakfast.
    Your road to recovery is partly paved with your diet, during a cold. Top up on vitamin C and antioxidants by drinking orange juice and eating mixed berries with your large bowl of warm porridge.
  • 10AM – Clear those sinuses and tackle your symptoms.
    Use some over-the-counter medicines to tackle your cold. Some good medicines are aspirin, paracetamol, cough syrup and lozenges. Use some strong flavoured lozenges to encourage saliva production, which will help in keeping your throat moist and soothed. If your nose and sinuses are completely bunged up, steam your face by putting your head over a steaming bowl of hot water for five minutes. This will help the mucus flow more freely and clear the airways.
  • Midday – Take a stroll.
    Go for a gentle stroll outside around the park or your neighborhood before lunchtime. It can boost your immune system and improve your mood.
  • 1PM – Swap your usual lunch for some lean chicken and salad.
    Protein prompts the immune response and helps build up your immune cells. So top up on the protein.
  • 3PM – Prepare some tea.
    White, green, black and herbal teas contains antioxidants which boosts your immunity. Tea will also help thin your mucus to expel it from your body.
  • 6PM – Have a spicy dinner.
    Ingredients like ginger, garlic and chili peppers are famous for their anti-bacterial properties. So spice it up with a chili con carne or a spicy curry. Hot foods also clears the sinuses and will help get rid of bacteria in your system.
  • 8PM – Soak those muscles in a hot bath or shower.
    The final steaming of the face in a hot bath or shower, will further clear your airways and will help you relax.
  • 10PM – Get a full night’s sleep.
    During a cold, sleep is your best friend. It recharges your immunity, energy levels, strength and your mind. Get about eight hours sleep and avoid stimulating drinks like coffee before bedtime. Don’t watch TV or work while in bed. Establish a regular sleep pattern to help keep your immune system healthy.

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